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What will you dog's experience be like?

First, you will notice,

this is one peaceful place.

Each client has their own one on one appointment. When you arrive, you will be greeted with 100% focused attention on you and your dog. After check-in, my client (your dog) and I will enter the quiet, empty Salon for some floor time before we begin. I engage with each client uniquely, to get to know them, and let them get to know me, before we begin to work together. We do this every time.


Music is often played, and I try to match the music to the clients personality and energy type. Nervous and senior clients may enjoy soft, ambient sounds while energetic and playful pups tend to enjoy something a little more rock and roll or jazzy.

Others need silence, or the sound of people talking. 


I will evaluate each client's skin and coat before the bath to determine the best products to use for the best experience and results. I invest heavily in my education in this area of my work, I am certified in Skin Science. Health is beautiful and the skin is the foundation of the fur. Beautiful grooms need healthy skin to happen.

A clean bowl is used each time to prepare the spa products in, and a fresh wash cloth and warm towel is provided for every pet.

Some clients love to zoom around the floor after their bath in victorious exuberance, others prefer to hurry up and get dry before they get cold. Elderly clients get a towel teepee to aid in the retention of body heat during drying.


While on the table I use a grooming lead and canine psychology to maintain safety and calm while grooming. I use positive reinforcement with treats, praise and affection to encourage cooperation. I never "just grab and pull" body parts. I employ gentler methods of "touch and follow" to achieve postures necessary for grooming. Fearful and senior dogs find relief in this "low pressure" grooming atmosphere.

Because I call to alert you to appointment completion in advance your pet is with me only a short time. As they are ready to go home, you are ready to pick them up, and they can show off what they just accomplished!

(Aren't you impressed with them?) 


"Fear Free Salon and Spa"?

What does that mean?

It means I am actively avoiding triggering the 'fear' response. I work to build a trust based relationship with your dog. I observe body language and vocal signals and work around the experience they are having that day. I work around my clients, to help them work with me. If a dog is getting to the point they can not handle the experience anymore, we end on a successful moment (before it gets negative in nature) and "sow seeds for good experiences later down the road". I will not muzzle and force a client to complete a task that is pushing their mental limits. I will not man-handle and make any dog do anything. I believe in any dog's ability to heal from negative past experiences and succeed without restraints with patience and practice.  

If teeth are out, we must stop.

I am able to groom 99% of the dogs I have worked with.   

My goal is to provide the very best in hygiene, styling, peace of mind and enjoyment

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