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       I would  love to groom every dog, but that would be selfish

         and I wouldn't be able to give the best care and attention to my clients (2 and 4 legged).

So I must admit I am full, there's just no more room for new clients! If you are not a member of my client roster, but would like to be,

There are still options:

Client Waiting List:

If you would like to become a regular client and reserve a reoccurring time slot, this is the easiest way.

First download and print the four part Client File packet, as well as the 2021 scheduling questionnaire, fill them out and mail to

Give a Dog  Bath

52 Ashland St

 North  Adams, MA 01247

If somebody vacates their place on the schedule, I'll call to inform you of the new availability.

Click on the Document to download a copy. 

Please note that I ask for signatures on the Intake form, the No-Show Policy and the Duties and Expectations forms. Also there is a multiple choice option on Mats (to record you preference on how to proceed with them) 


and Fill Out All Four Please!

If you would like to email your new client form you can do so to:

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