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Because it's important you know and trust your groomer.

Let me start by saying that I love dogs, and I love grooming them.
I have a passion for healthy, happy and beautiful dogs and that fuels my drive for excellence.
Since I began my grooming career, I have found it essential to continue my education, because the information available is rapidly growing and Veterinary Science has made some leaps and bounds in understanding the skin and coat of dogs. So, to provide the best possible care for your pet, I attend yearly seminars, or remote learning seminars during social distancing, given by the industry leaders.
I specialize in skin and coat restoration, senior dog care and puppy grooming. Each can be challenging in their own way but, with patience and foresight, are each uniquely rewarding.
I am skilled at both breed and pet trims. I do offer dematting services, as long as doing so does not injure, distress or otherwise negatively affect your dog.
I have experience in handling skin conditions and will work with your vet to help bring your pet back to a healthy state. The well being of your pet will always be my top priority.
I am an AKC S.A.F.E certified groomer and I hold a certificate with IPG and PPGSA for Standard of Care, Safety and Sanitation certificate, as well as Canine CPR certificate, COVID-19 certificate, and NEWLY my Iv San Bernard Science of Skin certificate!
So you know your best friend is in good hands.
A loving groomer and a bull dog puppy
Kendra Baker

To me, the most important thing when working with animals is their well being. Physical, Psychological and Emotional.

I constantly seek to further my education to insure I have the best to offer to the wonderful animals in my care. I seek to build a bond with every dog, and nobody is "just another client". 

With years of experience, I am confident, compassionate and knowledgeable.

Why do I do it?


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