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Lower Your Grooming Bill
(If Possible)

It is no secret that things are getting more expensive. The same rising expenses you are feeling are driving service fees higher in the professional grooming field. My salon postponed the price increase as long as possible before there was just no other option. Even then I did not take a pay increase, and only raised what the new expenses required me to. I am very aware that we are all having to adjust to the new demands on our budgets. This article is written in the spirit of helping one another and trying times.

So, the question is, amid increasing prices, is there anything you can do to lower your Grooming bill? The answer is a bit of a mixed bag because every groomer has their own way of pricing their services and it is not uncommon for a situation to already have been optimized for the lowest price, just through good home routine and/or previous communication. Sometimes, however there are steps that can be taken. You may be able to do more at home so that you can pay less in the salon. This is your guide to discovering if you can, and how to, reduce your grooming bill.


Step one: Talk to your groomer. Often you could be paying a higher price because your dog is taking more time/effort/product to finish the service. If your groomer is brushing for an hour and a half so your doodle can stay fluffy or to deshed your skittish Shepherd so they don’t get married then you are certainly seeing that reflected in your bill. It would not be fair to expect a lower price just because you request one, this is a valuable service by a skilled professional and you get what you pay for, but if you team up and form a game plan you can effectively reduce the size of the job your groomer is tasked with completing. So, ask where you can best focus your energy to lessen the work necessary in the salon. Is it raining? Is it brushing quantity, or quality? Don’t be shy about asking how to do it effectively. Every situation and every dog is different and if you can lower your expense, your groomer will help you find out how.


Step two: dedication. If you have the follow-through and consistency with your routine, you will see the pay off but if you fall off the routine you may see the return of higher fees.

Important note: This is not meant as any guarantee of reducing any individuals price for grooming service. This article is only an insight on how one might try.

Please respect your Groomers limits, it is not fair to ask for the same service for less money but you can offer to assume a portion of the work load, and so pay for a smaller service.

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