One on One, Fear Free Grooming for your favorite friend!

Service Lines:

Service Specials:

  • Free Consultation & Quote

  • Nail Trim and Buff

  • Bath & Brush

  • Bath, Brush & Trim

  • Prescription Bath                       (If your Vet has prescribed treatment)

  • Full Groom 

  • Brush & De-Shed (No Bath)

  • De-Matting

Specialty Services:
  • Puppy Grooming Lessons

  • Senior Dog Care

  • Limited Mobility Dog Care

  • Allergic Dogs

  • Skin Restoration Services

  • Vet Coordination

  • Spa Line Services use customized, high quality nourishing and fortifying products formulated in Italy by Veterinary skin care professionals and are designed to maintain the health and quality of the skin and the manageability of the coat. Health is Beautiful.

         Basic price

         (Based on amount of work to be done)

  • Lux Spa Line Services utilizes Elite restorative techniques and the very best products formulated in Italy by Veterinary skin care professionals using cutting-edge dog skin science and Bio-available nutritive ingredients. These products have been microbiologically tested, for the purpose of optimal restorative properties and health maintenance. Ideal for every pet, from the pampered individual to dogs with odor, itchy skin and lackluster coat.

      Toothbrushing and Paw Pro included.​

       Basic price plus approx. 10%-25% ​

       (Depending on coat type and length)

(Available to Client and Non-Client dogs by Appointment)

  • Tooth Brushing:

Great as an add on to regular services or stand alone service.

$5 (Included in Lux Spa)


  • Paw Pro:

A true pedicure experience, with a warm, healing tea tree soak and a moisturizing, protective balm. This is great to sooth chapped, raw paws and great to prevent such discomforts.

$10 (Included in Lux Spa)


  • Permanent or Temporary Color:

Fun and lasting or non committal, add flare and pizzazz with pet safe color (Must have consultation before appointment day to adjust appointment duration)

$ Varies $


  • Extensions:

Feathers and Glitz strands are super fun, last a long time and removal is easy when your ready!

Alternative to traditional bows and ribbons but these survive bath time and still look great!

$10 per set

Remember to bring updated Vaccination Records

I can call or email your Veterinarian to verify proof of vaccination if you do not have a paper copy handy
Email: Kendra.Groomer@gmail.com


I couldn’t have been more pleased with how great my two Border Collies looked after their grooming appointment with Kendra. She took the time to listen to what their needs were, and equally important their personalities, so that they would have a positive experience. Gypsy is retired but Zeva still goes to “work” in the barn with the sheep every day and having a spa appointment just made them both look and feel like ladies again! Thanks Kendra and welcome to North Berkshire, I hope other local dogs find you and get their special grooming too!

Leann O'Brien

Our chihuahua can be difficult to interact with, most of the time. Grooming, in the past, had been quite an ordeal. But Kendra has a way with him, which has which has made grooming less stressful for him. He always leaves his appointment happy, handsome and smelling amazing. We are so grateful for her expertise, patience and kindness.

I was blown away by the one on one care that Kendra gave not only my two dogs but to me as well! She is well knowledged in her field of grooming as well as the care and acknowledgment of the animals and their needs. One of my dogs is arthritic and Kendra took extra care to make sure she never suffered by giving her breaks in between washing and cutting. From the hands on care to the updated text when she was half way done, I was blown away by her services! I will recommend her again and again to everyone I know!

Kendra is more than a groomer! She's a caring, kind hearted expert in her field. She has taken the time to teach me so much valuable information on caring for my dog. From what's good for him to eat, to all natural treats (he's very picky), to bathing products & much more. We've become great friends too! She goes above and beyond her title. She recently made a tick/flea spray, all natural & safe that actually works! I even spray myself. Thank you for caring for Ripley as much as you do! I have referred many her way, all very happy!

Kendra is exactly the kind of business owner I am always thrilled to meet. Beyond being a very caring and organized business operator, she offers so much support and enthusiasm for puppy raising. Kendra explained various conditions particular to our new pup, and was encouraging about keeping her cool and well groomed between appointments. I can not compliment her enough, I am tickled to have her in our life.But really who cares what I think? Our lil dog loves her and looks like a million bucks. BOOM. It everything. Five stars.