By special apt only

By special apt only

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By special apt only

By special apt only


One on One grooming options for your favorite friend!

  • Free Consultation & Quote

  • Nail Trim and Buff

  • Bath & Brush

  • Bath, Brush & Trim

  • Prescription Bath                       (If your Vet has prescribed treatment)

  • Full Groom 

  • Brush & De-Shed (No Bath)

  • De-Matting

  • Flea Treatment (By Apt Only)

  • Tooth Brushing

  • Puppy and senior Packages available for big savings!

Specialty Services:
  • Puppy Grooming Lessons

  • Senior Dog Care

  • Limited Mobility Dog Care

  • Allergic Dogs

  • Skin Issues with Vet Coordination

We are full, there's no more room for new clients! If you bring your furry friend to see me regularly then you are now a member of "Give a Dog a Bath's exclusive client roster" Congratulations!

If you have to cancel your appointment or are not a member of my exclusive client roster, here are a few options:

Cancellation List:

If you need one appointment, or need to replace a missed or canceled appointment, this list is for you. If someone else cancels, I'll call you to offer to newly available time slot.

Client Waiting List:

If you would like to become a client and reserve a reoccurring time slot, this option is what you want. If somebody vacates their place on the schedule, I'll call to inform you of the new availability.

Service Specials

Tooth Brushing:

Great as an add on to regular services or stand alone service.


Paw Pro:

A true pedicure experience, with a warm, healing tea tree soak and a moisturizing, protective balm. This is great to treat chapped, raw paws and great to prevent such discomforts.


Temporary Color:

Fun and non committal, add flare and pizzazz with pet safe color

$ Varies $


Feathers and Glitz strands are super fun, last a long time and removal is easy when your ready!

Alternative to traditional bows and ribbons but these survive bath time and still look great!

$10 per set

Client Roster

Remember to bring updated Vaccination Records

I can call or email your Veterinarian to verify proof of vaccination if you do not have a paper copy handy
Email: Kendra.Groomer@gmail.com