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"WHY Can't I Get A Grooming Appointment?!"

Dogs are man’s best friend, as the saying goes,

So it’s no surprise that when the Covid lockdown separated us we turned to Dogs for company and comfort. Dog ownership was at an all-time high right after the beginning of the lockdown in 2020, and has been steadily increasing since then. Simultaneously, many pet professionals retired as the lockdown shut them down towards the end of their careers, or were unable to afford to re-open again. Those groomers who did reopen had new considerations for staff and customer safety which further limited appointments available.

The booming increase in pets and the decrease in professional services available in each area has shifted the accessibility of those services from abundant to extraordinary limited. It can take quite a while to learn how to be a dog groomer, and even longer to gain the experience to be very good at it. So, while the pet services industries will grow to meet the demand, it will take time.

What do you do in the meantime if you’re not already on a groomer’s schedule? Most of the pet owners who call for an appointment will be told the salon has no room, and perhaps to try another grooming salon or to call back later.

Unfortunately, hygienic and grooming needs will only wait so long before problems can develop, but fortunately there is something you can do! A small investment in learning the basics of grooming your dog, and partnering with a professional groomer in your area to do the challenging parts (such as nail trims, feet, eye and hygiene area trims) can keep your furry friend in good shape while you wait for that elusive grooming appointment. As feet, face and fanny trims and nail trims can be done rather quickly, most salons can find time to squeeze one in, if you are bathing, and brushing at home. There are articles on at home grooming on my website at and I offer phone consultations to teach at home grooming for your own pet and/or tool recommendations as well as product usage advice.

If ever you have questions about your dog's specific needs, please call me to learn more.

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