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Safe Creative Grooming Options

Your professional groomer can do more than just clean and trim your furry friend. These days there are a lot of fun and dazzling color options made specifically for dogs! This is a guide to some of the safe options available.


Nails: You have two options here,

Nail caps are rubberized and fixed in place with a safe adhesive and are available in many colors. They can be helpful for older dogs as they help with traction and some dog owners rave about their use for protecting hardwood floors.

Polish formulated for dogs is also available, with so many colors and effects it can be fun for sure – but requires a patient pup!


Temporary fur fun: There are tons of options here so I will just cover a few common selections.

Chalk color: Quick to apply with brief effects, chalk color is very event appropriate as well as a great way to sample permanent color before committing. It will wear out and can be washed out very easily but tends to be drying to the coat and the colors are softer.

Ink color: Color that lasts longer than chalk and capable of bolder colors, Ink can be a fun choice for those more daring but not ready for the permanent dye. A word of caution though, Ink will transfer if dampened, to other fur, clothes and furniture and will need to be shampooed out (staining can occur).

Extensions: Yes, dogs can get extensions, although not to the same effect as humans. Dog extensions are generally a small feather cluster or Glitz strands pressed in a crimp bead onto the fur. They are very versatile and long lasting as extensions do survive bedtime, bathtime and playtime very well but are extraordinarily easy to remove so they are still very temporary.

Permanent fur fun: Dog safe hair dye, applied by a professional who is experienced, to a healthy dog free from skin conditions, can be so much fun! You will follow the same safety precautions as a human would, pick a test site and apply a small amount of dye and observe for 24 hours for any reaction before applying over any larger areas. Tips of ears and tails are wonderful places to start experimenting because they are areas that are trimmed frequently and the color can be trimmed off before too long. Regardless of how you style the dye, have fun, be safe, and always remember your dogs comfort. 


Definite do not’s: 

Do not try to apply color products to your dog yourself, these products are intended for professional use only for a reason, it can be easy to have accidents.

Do not ever use super glue to apply jewels or appliqués to your dogs fur, super glue is not dog skin safe and can cause reactions, and fur loss.

Do not ever use any products meant for humans, dyes and polishes for humans might look similar and cost less but the formulations are definitely not dog safe. Never use anything that is not dog safe on your dog!

Do not use any colorant products on any dogs that have a compromised immune system, allergic reaction or broken skin. If you are not sure, consult your veterinarian prior to requesting color services from your groomer.

You can always call me!

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