By special apt only

By special apt only

By special apt only

By special apt only

By special apt only


One on One Grooming

for your favorite friend!

  • Free Consultation & Quote

  • Nail Trim and Buff

  • Bath & Brush

  • Bath, Brush & Trim

  • Prescription Bath                       (If your Vet has prescribed treatment)

  • Full Groom 

  • Brush & De-Shed (No Bath)

  • De-Matting

  • Flea Treatment (By Apt Only)

  • Tooth Brushing

  • Puppy and senior Packages available for big savings!

Specialty Services:
  • Puppy Grooming Lessons

  • Senior Dog Care

  • Limited Mobility Dog Care

  • Allergic Dogs

  • Skin Issues with Vet Coordination

I would  love to groom every dog, but that would be selfish and I wouldn't be able to give the best care and attention to my clients (2 and 4 legged). So I must admit I am full, there's just no more room for new clients! If you bring your furry friend to see me regularly then you are already a member of "Give a Dog a Bath's exclusive client roster". Congratulations!

If you have to cancel your appointment or are not a member of my exclusive client roster, but would like to be,

here are a few options:

Cancellation List:

If you need one appointment, or need to replace a missed or canceled appointment, this list is for you. If someone else cancels, I'll call you to offer to newly available time slot.

Client Waiting List:

If you would like to become a regular client and reserve a reoccurring time slot, this option is what you want. If somebody vacates their place on the schedule, I'll call to inform you of the new availability.

Client Roster

Remember to bring updated Vaccination Records

I can call or email your Veterinarian to verify proof of vaccination if you do not have a paper copy handy
Email: Kendra.Groomer@gmail.com

Service Specials

(Available to Client and Non-Client dogs by Appointment)

Tooth Brushing:

Great as an add on to regular services or stand alone service.


Paw Pro:

A true pedicure experience, with a warm, healing tea tree soak and a moisturizing, protective balm. This is great to sooth chapped, raw paws and great to prevent such discomforts.


Temporary Color:

Fun and non committal, add flare and pizzazz with pet safe color

$ Varies $


Feathers and Glitz strands are super fun, last a long time and removal is easy when your ready!

Alternative to traditional bows and ribbons but these survive bath time and still look great!

$10 per set